Redistricting Reform Commission releases report

Pennsylvania Congressional district boundaries made headlines in 2018 following a lawsuit alleging they were gerrymandered, giving Republican candidates an advantage in elections.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court agreed and ruled the districts were so gerrymandered that they were unconstitutional.

Lawmakers, with Republicans in the majority, and Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf were given three weeks to submit new maps. The Court rejected those maps and adopted a map of their own.

Republicans attempted to stop the Court’s map but were unsuccessful and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court map was the one that Congressional candidates ultimately ran on in the midterm election.

Early in 2019, Governor Wolf signed an executive order creating a commission to explore ways Pennsylvania could curb gerrymandering and make redistricting fairer in the future.

The bipartisan Pennsylvania Redistricting Reform Commission released a final report recently with recommendations to improve the process and find consensus in redistricting. The commission’s report is available here.

Appearing on Thursday’s Smart Talk to discuss the commission’s findings is David Thornburgh, Redistricting Reform Commission and President and CEO, Committee of Seventy.

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