Smart Talk: Solar power initiatives highlight industry growth

The Wolf administration recently announced a commitment to solar energy by agreeing to buy power from seven new solar projects in the state.

This purchase agreement amounts to about half of the state government’s electricity and fulfills part of the Governor’s 2019 executive order on climate change.

Patrick McDonnell is the Secretary Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and he appears on Smart Talk Tuesday, along with Julien F. Gaudion, Deputy Secretary for Property and Asset Management, Pennsylvania Department of General Services, to discuss details of the recent announcement.

Solar options expanding for Pennsylvania business’s and schools

Industry advocates say that while the state is living up to its pledge to move to more renewable energy sources, they are also encouraging solar development in Pennsylvania.

Executive orders by Governor Wolf can only take the initiatives so far, though. To move Pennsylvania toward more renewable energy options it will require legislation and a commitment from the state legislature. Joining Smart Talk Tuesday to discuss expanding solar power access is Katie Rever, Director of Legislative Affairs, IGS Energy and member of the coalition of the PA Chapter of Solar Energy Industries Association.

Also on Smart Talk Tuesday are Doug Neidich, CEO of GreenWorks Development and Rick Musselman, Superintendent Midd-West School District, Middleburg, Pa., to talk about how schools can also benefit from solar energy initiatives.