Smart Talk: Pa Attorney General targets illegal guns and who can get them

Two mass shootings and the momentum behind the new Biden administration are reviving the debate on gun control in the United States.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro wasted no time jumping into the issue by announcing an agreement reached with one of the state’s largest gun show promoters to halt the sale of ‘ghost gun’ kits at their gun shows.

Shapiro took the issue one step further by leading a coalition of 18 states that are requesting U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland close a loophole in the interpretation of the federal Gun Control Act. The loophole allows people who are prohibited from purchasing firearms to buy ‘ghost guns,’ which are then assembled into untraceable weapons.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro appears on Smart Talk Wednesday to discuss this initiative, along with a call for expanded background checks.

Changes coming to Minor League Baseball

At one time, minor league and semi-pro baseball teams could be found in almost every town in America. Semi-pro teams that often played “barnstorming” Major League clubs went away decades ago. And this year, Minor League baseball is undergoing perhaps its biggest change ever.

Five levels of Minor League baseball are being whittled down to four. Whole leagues are being disbanded and 43 teams will not be affiliated with the Major Leagues, including the State College Spikes and Williamsport Crosscutters in Pennsylvania.

Andrew Linker, author, blogger and former beat reporter for the Patriot-News covering baseball appears on Smart Talk Wednesday with insight on the upcoming baseball season and changes to Minor League teams.