Could inflation slow economic recovery? – New book provides insights into political gerrymandering

Inflation was up 5.4% last month – the highest it’s been in 13 years. Most Americans already knew prices were going up. What we’re paying for gas, many food items, cars, and homes is significantly higher than just a few months ago.

Much of it has to do with supply and demand, but especially supply.

There are many job openings right now but employers are having trouble finding workers to fill those jobs.

The stock market took a wild swing down and up this week.

Washington Post economics correspondent Heather Long is on Wednesday’s Smart Talk with insight into how the pandemic has impacted the economy, what may change and what may be permanent.

New book provides insights into political gerrymandering

Gerrymandering or drawing up Congressional or legislative boundaries to provide a political advantage to one party or another is not new. But as the nation has become more polarized in recent years, it has gotten more attention.

Franklin and Marshall College Government Professor Stephen Medvic, Ph.D., has written a new book, Gerrymandering – The Politics of Redistricting in the United States, that explores the history, consequences of and solutions to map-making for political gain. He appears on Wednesday’s Smart Talk.