When Planning for Retirement,Timing is Everything


What to look for on Smart Talk, Friday, August 2, 2019:

Sixty-five years old is the traditional retirement age milestone for most American workers. That’s when we are supposed to retire and ease into our golden years.

But for a surprising number of Americans, age 65 does not mean it’s time to give up their paycheck. A recent survey of workers shows that roughly 25% plan on working past the traditional retirement age.

Some need to keep working for financial reasons. Others may want to keep working because it’s important to their emotional well being.

What’s the right age for retirement? How much money will you need? What can you do to get on the right track, financially and health-wise?

Apearing on Smart Talk to discuss these and other retirement-related issues are Andy Soergel, Journalism Fellow with the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research Center at the University of Chicago Center, Dr. Noel Ballentine, internal medicine physician with a specialty in geriatric medicine from Penn State Health and the Milton Hershey Medical Center, and Rick Rodgers, financial retirement specialist and president of Rodgers & Associates.


Noel Ballentine (L) and Rick Rodgers (R)