The changing role of fathers and ending animal suffering


What to look for on Smart Talk, Friday, June 14, 2019:

Today’s father comes in many forms. Fathers are not always the primary source of income or the main disciplinarian in a household. Fathers can be single or married, self-employed or stay-at-home, gay or straight.

Ahead of this Father’s Day, Smart Talk discusses the changing role of today’s fathers. Joining Smart Talk to discuss modern fatherhood are Jonathan Heisey-Grove, president of The National At-Home Dad Network, Leslie Penkunas, editor of Central Penn Parent and Derrick James, director of fatherhood programs at Tri-County Community Action.

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Derrick James (L) and Leslie Penkunas (R)

Also, Humane Pennsylvania’s Healthy Pets, Healthy Communities initiative seeks to ensure access to high quality veterinary care regardless of an owner’s income. The initiative aims to ensure every animal in Berks County receives health care to keep them out of shelters and in their homes. The effort is funded by a $3.1 million grant from the Giorgi Family Foundation, the largest animal welfare grant in U.S. history. One of Humane Pennsylvania’s community partners is No Nonsense Neutering, which provides affordable spay and neutering services for dogs and cats, along with core vaccines. The key to this initiative, both groups agree, is the scale of the effort.

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Martha Kahan (L) and Karel Minor (R)

Appearing on Smart Talk to discuss efforts to end preventable animal suffering in Pennsylvania are Karel Minor, CEO of Humane Pennsylvania, and Martha Kahan, President of No Nonsense Neutering.