Smart Talk Tuesday: 5G explained; Wasp, cicadas and hornets

You’ve probably seen the commercials or heard talk of 5G technology that is being touted by mobile phone carriers.

But what is 5G and how will be different than the 4G technology most of us are now accustomed to?

In simple terms, 5G is the latest generation of technology that will be faster and allow for more data.

On Tuesday’s Smart Talk, we’ll answer questions about 5G and also the issues surrounding TikTok social media and cyber security.

Appearing on the program are Terrill Frantz, Ph.D., Ed.D., Professor of eBusiness and Cybersecurity and Bruce Young, Professor of Cybersecurity, both with Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.

Also, remember the stories last spring of the emergence of the Asian giant hornets or murder hornets as they were called? Turns out Pennsylvania has its own version of a big insect at this time of year — only it’s been around for a long time. Eastern cicada killer wasps come out at this time of year and feed off cicadas, which are making an appearance this summer.

Joining us on Tuesday’s program is Elizabeth Capaldi, Ph.D., Professor of Biology at Bucknell University and author of the book Why do Bees Buzz? Fascinating Answers to Questions about Bees.