Smart Talk Thursday: What the polls tell us; Dismantling Democracy film

You’ve probably heard it said many times by now that Pennsylvania is one of the states that will determine who wins the presidency. In fact, some go as far as saying that Pennsylvania will crown the winner.

That’s the reason the candidates have been in Pennsylvania so often, there’s so much media attention and a different poll every day.

The polls show Democratic nominee Joe Biden with a lead over President Trump today.

But how are we to interpret the polls and what useful information can we get from them?

Berwood Yost, Director of the Center for Opinion Research at Franklin & Marshall College appears on Thursday’s Smart Talk.

Also on Thursday’s Smart Talk – we speak with Allen Clements, the director of the three-part TV documentary Dismantling Democracy that examines democratic structures in the U.S. and around the world.

Interviews offer perspectives as the series depicts factors behind the gradual deterioration of the effectiveness of the democratic form of government.

Dismantling Democracy is produced by MAKE Films and airs on WITF-TV starting Sunday at noon.