Smart Talk Thursday: Pa. education chief talks school this fall; How many hours to work to pay rent; Seniors play ball

Since Pennsylvania schools closed their physical buildings last March due to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been speculation about whether classes would begin on time in August and September and, if so, how they would be different.

Plans are being made for a fall opening of classes with dozens of guidelines from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Among the many issues that schools will have to address are transportation to and from school while maintaining social distancing, monitoring the health of students and staff, limiting the number of students and staff in a classroom, extracurricular activities like sports and band and attendance.

Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Pedro Rivera and Deputy Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education Matthew Stem appear on Thursday’s Smart Talk to discuss what changes are coming.

Also, we’ll examine a new report by Self Financial that pinpoints how many hours of work it takes in order to pay rent in Central Pennsylvania’s metro areas.

Pennsylvania is the 28th least affordable state according to the survey. A person making the median income of $39,490 a year would have to work 34.9 hours to afford a one-bedroom apartment and 43 hours a week to afford a two-bedroom. Self Financial’s Vice President Jeff Smith is on Smart Talk with more details.

High School baseball and softball players who missed their senior years due to the COVID-19 pandemic are being invited to play in an invitational this summer at People’sBank Park in York. York Revolution President Eric Menzer joins us to explain.