Smart Talk on Monday; coronavirus questions answered

The Pennsylvania Department of Health reported last week that the social distancing and stay-at-home order were doing what they were intended to do: flatten the curve.

The “curve” refers to the rise of the number of daily reported cases. Once those numbers level off or decline, the “curve” has flattened.

Department of Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine, MD, cautioned, though, that it is still not time to return to normal. Virus mitigation guidelines are still in effect for the state and no decision has been made when they might change.

Even as the pandemic has dominated the news for more than a month, many people still have questions about the virus and COVID-19 illness.

Smart Talk has devoted at least one program each week during the current coronavirus emergency to answering medical and health-related questions.

Appearing on Thursday’s Smart Talk is Dr. Ami DeWaters, MD, associate division chief of Hospital Medicine, Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.

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