Smart Talk: How healthy is the Chesapeake Bay?

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The Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, including the Susquehanna, are recognized as a national treasure. The Bay watershed is vast, spanning more than 64 thousand square miles and covering parts of six states and the District of Columbia.

The Bay itself is the third largest estuary in the world and impacted by everything that happens along its tributaries and coastline. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation tracks the health of the Bay by monitoring key indicators and this year’s report is not favorable. Of the 13 indicators, four showed declines since the last report, earning an overall grade of D plus.

Will Baker is the President of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) and will join Smart Talk Thursday with Harry Campbell, the CBF Science Policy and Advocacy Director in Pennsylvania.

Susquehanna River Basin Commission marks 50 years

The Susquehanna River Basin Commission is celebrating 50 years and making plans for the next 50.

The Susquehanna River Basin Compact was adopted by the Federal Government and river states fifty years ago to lead preservation efforts along with river. Some of their tasks include mitigating the potential for flood damage, monitoring development along the river and protecting habitat. How well have they done?

Andrew D. Dehoff, is the Executive Director of the Commission and he’ll join Smart Talk to highlight their accomplishments and plans for protecting the waterway in the future.