Smart Talk Friday: Attorney General Shapiro on police reforms, fracking, child abuse; Child abuse reports down during pandemic

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro appears on Friday’s Smart Talk to discuss several topics.

They include police reforms, fracking and funding for child abuse investigations.

Pennsylvania is one of many state and local governments to legislate new rules and laws for police departments to adhere to in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death while in Minneapolis police custody last month. Floyd’s death has resulted in nationwide protests and calls for racial justice and equality.

The Pennsylvania House and Senate have each passed separate bills that would require employment background checks on those looking to become a police office or join another department and also improve training.

Also, a two-year Grand Jury report found there were systematic failures on the part of Pennsylvania regulators — including the Department of Environmental Protection — to guard against negative health effects of fracking at natural gas drilling sites.

Finally, Attorney General Shapiro and the Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Association are asking Congress for $1.5 billion in anticipation of an increased number of child abuse investigations after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile Angela Liddle, President and CEO of the Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance is on Friday’s Smart Talk to discuss child abuse reports being down during the pandemic and the expected increase once the state re-opens or children go back to school this fall.