Public Defender Series and solutions on climate and energy


What to look for on Smart Talk Thursday, October 4, 2018:

Anyone accused of committing a crime and facing criminal charges in the U.S. has a Constitutional right to be represented by an attorney and as the famous Miranda warning says, an attorney will be appointed for the defendant if the defendant can’t afford one.

Indigent defendants are often represented in court by public defenders.

An investigative series by PA Post reporters finds that Pennsylvania is the only state in the country that doesn’t provide state funding for public defenders. It’s up to the state’s counties to pay for public defenders. The PA Post series also found that many public defenders are stretched thin because they handle too many cases and as a result may not provide adequate representation for their clients. At least one lawmaker is concerned that Pennsylvania isn’t meeting its Constitutional responsibilities.

PA Post reporters Emily Previti and Katie Meyer appear on Thursday’s Smart Talk to describe what they found.

Previti and Meyer.png

Emily Previti and Katie Meyer

Also, Dr. Richard Alley’s research as a Geoscientist is focused on studying the past to have a look into the future. His research with the Greenland ice sheets and Antarctica allow him to make forecasts of the future in the midst of climate change. Alley says that by looking at global warming framed against the bigger picture of energy and the environment, we can also grow economies. The economy, health, jobs, national security, and the environment all intersect. As do the ethics of it all, because the people causing global warming are the ones who are least affected by it.

Joining Smart Talk to discuss insights to climate and energy solutions is Dr. Richard Alley, Ph.D., Professor of Geoscience, Pennsylvania State University. He is appearing at a local event with the Physicians for Social Responsibility and the Harrisburg Rotary Club on Wednesday, October 10.


Dr. Richard Alley, Ph.D.