PA Sen. Bob Casey / legislation impacting physicians / 2020 Census

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Sen. Bob Casey

What to look for on Smart Talk, Monday, July 22:

The political battles brewing in Washington may lead many to ask about the progress being made to address the many problems facing the nation and Pennsylvania. Access to health care, immigration and the economy are areas highlighted recently by Pennsylvania Democratic U.S. Sen. Bob Casey as areas he is focused on. Sen. Casey appears on Smart Talk to talk about his priorities.

Also, with health care topping many legislative priority lists, there are three actions drawing the attention of Pennsylvania medical providers. The first is a bill requiring they obtain approval from insurers before prescribing medicine or performing certain tests. The second bill denies providers the authority to refuse to treat an unvaccinated child or by requiring their caregivers sign a waiver as a condition for care. A third bill would eliminate the state’s religious and philosophical exemptions for student vaccinations.

Dr. Danae Powers, president of the Pennsylvania Medical Society, joins Smart Talk to discuss where the society stands on these issues.

Finally, the U.S. Constitution mandates the nation conduct a population count every 10 years. The next census is planned for 2020 and with it comes many questions. Why do we count? What information is collected? How do the numbers impact federal dollars, policy and political representation?

Joining Smart Talk to address these and other questions are WITF Capitol Bureau Chief Katie Meyer and Micah Sims, executive director of Common Cause Pennsylvania.

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