Critical truck driver shortage/ ACLU calls state death penalty unconstitutional

What to look for on Smart Talk Tuesday, February 26, 2019:

The nation has enjoyed a robust economy for the last few years.

Business confidence rose in tandem, and activity on the nation’s highways has increased.

The only problem, there aren’t enough truck drivers to meet the increased demand. A critical shortage that continues to challenge the industry. The American Trucking Association says 60,000 truck drivers are needed right now and that number could increase to 100,000 soon.

Trucking company owners say there are multiple reasons for the shortage, and they are finding ways to manage the problem.

Appearing on Smart Talk to discuss the driver shortage are Kevin Stewart, President and CEO of PA Motor Truck Association and Todd Long, CEO & President of Daily Express Inc., a nationwide heavy and specialized trucking company based in Carlisle, PA.

Stewart and Long.png

Kevin Stewart and Todd Long

Also, the death penalty was reinstated in Pennsylvania in 1978. Since then, over one-third of the state’s death sentences have been reversed due to poor representation in court.

The ACLU of Pennsylvania recently filed an amicus brief asking the state Supreme Court to hold the entire capital punishment system in violation of the state constitution. They say the ‘extreme inequities” in representation adversely impact poor defendants.

Joining Smart Talk Tuesday to discuss the ACLU’s brief is Mary Catherine Roper, Deputy Legal Director for the ACLU of Pennsylvania.