Domestic violence gun legislation and Gubernatorial candidate (Lib) Ken Krawchuck

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What to look for on Smart Talk Friday, October 5, 2018:

Pennsylvania could join 29 other states that require people convicted of domestic violence to turn in their firearms within 24 hours, making it consistent with the Protection from Abuse Act.

The Senate voted 43-05 earlier this week to send the bill to Gov. Tom Wolf, who plans to sign it into law. With bi-partisan support, it’s the first time in years that Pennsylvania has tightened a gun law.

Action on this legislation comes during National Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Under current law, domestic abusers have 60 days to turn firearms over to a family member or friend. The new law will require guns be relinquished to police, lawyers or licenses firearms dealers.

Friday’s Smart Talk focuses on the new law with it’s sponsor Republican State Representative Marguerite Quinn of Bucks County and Julie Bancroft, Chief Public Affairs Officer with the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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Julie Bancroft and State Representative Marguerite Quinn (R)

**Candidate Ken Krawchuk’s interview will air on a later Smart Talk, due to being preempted by an NPR special report.

Smart Talk continues our conversations with the candidates on the 2018 mid-term election ballot Friday. Joining us on the program is Libertarian candidate for governor Ken Krawchuk to discuss the issues facing Pennsylvania.