Dickinson President Margee Ensign / Being a generalist / Gov. Steve Bullock

What to look for on Smart Talk, June 7, 2019:

Founded in 1783 by Dr. Benjamin Rush, Dickinson College was the first college chartered in the new United States of America. Today, the Carlisle liberal arts institution has just over 2200 students to whom the college seeks to provide a “useful” education. 

Some of Dickinson’s current areas of focus are campus sustainability, student recruitment, and major fundraising. 

Dr. Margee Ensign took office as Dickinson’s 29th president in July 2017. Ensign served previously as President of the American University in Nigeria and is an international political economy scholar whose work focuses on challenges of international development, as well as on the implications of development assistance. 

She joins us on Friday’s Smart Talk to discuss her vision for Dickinson College and her thoughts on current issues facing the higher education landscape. 

Also, a push towards specialization is prevalent in arenas ranging from managing the economy to raising children. In his new book Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World, author David Epstein argues that, for successful individuals from Nobel laureates to professional athletes, specialization is the exception, not the rule, and that dabbling and failing can be keys to success. He appears on Smart Talk to discuss these ideas. 

Finally, Montana Governor Steve Bullock is one of 24 candidates seeking the Democratic nomination in the 2020 presidential election. He joins Smart Talk to discuss his positions on the issues and his path to the nomination.