2017 Top Stories: Trump Impact

The Thursday edition of the Top Stories of 2017 on Smart Talk focuses on Central Pennsylvania’s take on the major issues President Donald Trump raised during his first year in office.

Trump is probably like no other president this country has ever seen.  Of course, today’s technology and forms of communication didn’t allow past presidents to bypass the media and go directly to the people as President Trump does on Twitter.  That’s just one way Trump is different.  Trump and his loyal supporters take pride in the president not being “politically correct” and saying what’s on his mind even if it is a very personal criticism.

Since Trump was sworn into office in January, it seemed as though a bombshell hit the news every other day — one that had the country talking or that would have a major impact on the lives of Americans.

Often, when Smart Talk addresses national issues, we do it by talking with local people with a knowledge of the issue which also allows listeners to weigh in as well.

We’ll hear discussions of several of those issues on Thursday’s program — how Trump won Pennsylvania in last year’s election, the Republican tax overhaul, tensions with North Korea, what happens with the people who entered the U.S. with their parents illegally as children and Trump expanding which employers could deny free access to contraceptives to their employees.