The election is over; what lies ahead for Pennsylvania?


What to look for on Smart Talk Friday, November 9, 2018:

The election is over, and you may have heard, Pennsylvania Democrats picked up some new congressional seats–and helped flip the U.S. House of Representatives.

Meanwhile, Democrats in the state House and Senate also made progress. The Senate flipped at least five seats and ended a Republican supermajority–and the House snagged at least eleven–thought to be their largest pickup since 1974.

That’s not enough to give them majorities in either chamber, but it will mean some changes in how Harrisburg operates.

Appearing on Smart Talk are journalists Marc Levy, Associated Press, and Charles Thompson, Pennlive to discuss the implications.

Democratic State Representative Patty Kim and Republican Representative Greg Rothman also join Smart Talk to explain how their caucus’s prospects will change–and what the shifting numbers mean for collaboration between the parties.

Thompson Meyer Levy.png

Charles Thompson, Katie Meyer and Marc Levy

Also, this election saw four states voting to change their redistricting methods–Carol Kuniholm with Fair Districts PA will discuss what that will mean for stalled efforts to do the same in Pennsylvania.