Smart Talk Road Trip to Bethany Village to discuss aging

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What to look for on Smart Talk Tuesday, October 30, 2018:

Smart Talk takes another Road Trip for Tuesday’s program — this time to Bethany Village in Mechanicsburg where we’ll discuss aging and more specifically aging well.

One of the highlights of the program is hearing from four Bethany Village residents who range in ages between 71 and 80 about their life experiences, what they like and don’t like about getting older and what younger people can learn from them.

Improving how people age is one of the goals of the Embracing Aging project in York County. Embracing Aging seeks to improve attitudes toward aging and reducing barriers to aging well. What does it mean to “age well?” Is there ageism in our society and how do we stop it? Baby-boomers are retiring or getting near retirement age. This is a generation that has constantly been on-the-go. Will the baby-boom generation change how we think about and behave in our older years?

Cathy Bollinger, the Managing Director of the Embracing Project of the York County Community Foundation is with us along with Ray Landis of AARP.

Finally, many want to travel when they retire or get older. Craig Haberle of AAA Travel is on the program to discuss traveling when we retire or get older.