Smart Talk: Pa health officials still failing to collect key race data

Reports from around the country point to a disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 virus on minority communities.

That warning was sounded in Pennsylvania early in the pandemic, but data was not readily available through the Department of Health reporting system to make a conclusion. When the data was eventually reported, it confirmed that Black Pennsylvanians were disproportionately impacted, but because of some missing racial data, there were still no conclusions reached as to why it was occurring.

Now that vaccinations are underway, the Pennsylvania Department of Health is facing the same challenge to accurately report who is and is not receiving the vaccine.

Spotlight PA reported on the missing data and appearing on Smart Talk Wednesday to draw attention to the issue are reporters Jamie Martines and Eseosa Olumhense.

Political refugee to CEO

When Hagir Elsheikh, began advocating for democratic rule in her native Sudan, she found herself in the crosshairs of the ruling Sudanese government of Omar Hassan al-Bashir.

More than twenty years later, Elsheikh is in a very different place both literally and figuratively. Hagir Elsheikh joins Smart Talk Wednesday to share her personal journey to Central Pennsylvania and her transition to business owner and community advocate.