Road Trip to Nissley Vineyards

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What to look for on Smart Talk Thursday, May 24, 2018:

Wine is the subject of Thursday’s Smart Talk during a Smart Talk Road Trip to Nissley Vineyards in Bainbridge, Lancaster County.

In particular, we’ll be focusing on Pennsylvania wines and the state’s wine industry.  There are more than 200 wineries across the state that produce 1.6 million gallons of wine each year.  Pennsylvania is the nation’s sixth largest wine producer.

On Thursday’s Smart Talk, we’ll discuss the history of winemaking in Pennsylvania.  William Penn actually had the colony’s first vineyard — planting grapes for wine in 1683 in what is now Philadelphia.  It was almost 300 years later before wineries became common in the state.

Among the topics Smart Talk addresses are the different types of wines produced in Pennsylvania’s six wine regions, the economic impact wine has in the state, how wine has helped increase tourism, wine vocabulary and how to buy wine with confidence.

Our guests come from the Pennsylvania Winery Association, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, the Pennsylvania Wine Society and Nissley Vineyards.