Preventing child abuse and PA property taxes explained


What to look for on Smart Talk Wednesday, March 20, 2019:

Child abuse is a preventable, public health crisis.

Everyday in America, children are exposed to abuse and neglect. In most cases, the abuse is committed by a parent, caregiver or someone in a trusted position.

The numbers are heartbreaking. Government sources estimate that about one in seven children experienced abuse and neglect in the last year, and they admit this may be an underestimate.

The Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance strives to make Pennsylvania safe for children. To do this, the Alliance is hosting the 2019 PA Blue Ribbon Champions for Safe Kids event.

A ‘champion’ is someone who plays a role to recognize and report suspected cases of child abuse.

Appearing on Smart Talk Wednesday to discuss the campaign and what we can do to keep kids safe is Angela Liddle, President and CEO, PA Family Support Alliance.

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Angela Liddle, President and CEO of PA Family Support Alliance.

Also, it seems fitting that the quote ‘In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,’ is attributed to Benjamin Franklin, a famous Pennsylvanian. It would seem more appropriate if the quote specified property taxes, because these taxes seem to get the most attention.’s The Listening Post takes on a reader’s question, “what keeps these taxes in force.”

PaPost reporter Ed Mahon joins Smart Talk to discuss why school property taxes are so hard to kill.

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Ed Mahon, PA Post reporter