Poll: Americans positive on immigrants/Newlywed finances

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What to look for on Smart Talk Friday, May 18, 2018:

Immigration is a hot issue in the political landscape and a divisive topic in communities around the country. How do American’s feel about immigration today? A Bucknell University survey finds that American’s views on new immigrants have improved significantly since the last presidential election.

The nationally representative survey was conducted by YouGov for the Bucknell Institute for Public Policy from March 26 – April 1. The survey results show that perceptions of new immigrants and the perceived value they bring to the country have improved across all measures, since a similar survey was conducted in July 2016.

The survey results do reflect some political differences among respondents, but findings demonstrate that most Americans hold some positive views about new immigrants.

There are partisan divides — with Democrats viewing immigrants more favorably than Republicans — but Americans of all political leanings hold at least some positive views about new immigrants. The results also show that as a group, Trump voters are not an anti-immigration bloc.

Bucknell Political Science Professor Chris Ellis directed the polling for the Bucknell Survey Research Laboratory and he will be on Friday’s Smart Talk to talk about the results. 

Royal wedding watchers have waited for Saturday’s big event for months. One wonders if Prince Harry and Megan Markle have taken that time to plan for more than what they’ll be wearing. Have they discussed financials? According to family wealth advisors, money is the number one reason that people seek marriage counseling today and it plays a prominent role in most divorce proceedings.

With June as the most popular month to get married, we’ll discuss the top three must-dos for newlyweds of any age to secure their financial future. Kim Kenawell-Hoffecker is a family wealth advisor and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and she will be in the studio to discuss how important it is to protect your financial future in marriage if the unexpected happens.

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Kim Kenawell-Hoffecker, Avantra Family Wealth