Midstate towns on the list of safest from crime

Several Pennsylvania cities and small towns made the list of the Safest Small Towns in America and Safest Cities in America in research conducted by SafeWise.com — a home security company. Using FBI crime statistics, the company ranked towns and cities based on the number of violent crimes and property crimes per 1,000 people.

Luzerne Township in Fayette County was tied for first in the small town rankings with no crimes reported. Other safe small towns in the top 100 include Millcreek Township in Lebanon County and West Cocalico Township in Lancaster County. On the list of municipalities with larger populations, Manor Township in Lancaster County was counted as one of the safest.

Rebecca Edwards is a Security Expert, Safety and Technology Reporter for SafeWise.com and she appears on Smart Talk Wednesday to investigate the trends.


The number of murders increased by almost 30% nationwide in 2020 according to a recent report from the FBI. Meanwhile, homicides spiked in 29 major cities through September of this year, including in Philadelphia where 500 murders have been reported in 2021.

The big question is why there are more murders and what can be done about it?

Joining us on Monday’s Smart Talk are Jeff Asher, data consultant with AH Datalytics, who studies crime and former Pennsylvania secretary of Corrections John Wetzel.