Ken Krawchuk/Paul Glover — candidates for governor on Smart Talk

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What to look for on Smart Talk Monday, October 22, 2018:

Election day is a little over two weeks away. This mid-term election seems to be getting more attention than most as voters decide on candidates running for governor, U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Here in Pennsylvania, voters will cast ballots for state representatives and half the Pennsylvania state senate.

Leading up to the election, Smart Talk is speaking with the gubernatorial, and U.S. House and Senate candidates from Central Pennsylvania to give voters an opportunity to hear where the candidates stand on the issues.

Hear the candidates here.

Among the candidates we’re talking with are those who are neither Democrats or Republicans. Pennsylvania has more than 44,000 voters registered Libertarian, 11,500 registered as Green and 1.1 million not registered with any party.

Appearing on Monday’s Smart Talk are two candidates running for governor of Pennsylvania.

Ken Krawchuk is on the ballot representing the Libertarian Party and Paul Glover is the Green Party’s candidate for governor.