It’s all about technology on a Smart Talk road trip

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What to look for on Smart Talk Wednesday, October 17, 2018:

It’s a Smart Talk Road Trip to Harrisburg University of Science and Technology to explore what’s new in the world of technology, design and art. There is a lot going on in Central Pennsylvania and at Harrisburg University, starting with the UPNEXT Fest.

What began as Harrisburg’s Startup Week has “exploded” into eight days of events and activities for anyone interested in learning more about the technology, design and the startup scene in Central Pennsylvania. Smart Talk is talking about the UPNEXT fest with Chuck Russell, president of the Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania (TCCP).

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Chuck Russell addresses the Smart Talk audience

Then, it’s all about women in technology. More girls are studying STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) than ever before, but there is still an employment and wage gap. What does the current landscape look like for women in tech fields? How far have we come and where do we need to go?

On Smart Talk we’re joined by Bili Mattes, Harrisburg University provost and chief academic officer. Mattes is also the executive director of the STEM-UP leadership program. Dr. Alice Armstrong is a STEM-UP alum and she is joining the conversation, as well.


Dr. Alice Armstrong, Bili Mattes and Scott LaMar

Then, Foundry Makerspace is a social enterprise initiative to build the capacity of schools for 21st Century life and work. We’ll talk to organizational leaders about their mission and what it means to be a “maker.” Smart Talk is joined by Chad Frey, Foundry Makerspace president, Nashon Walker, fellow at Scott and Melrose Elementary, and Heather Lister, fellow at Camp Curtin Academy and Marshall Math Science Academy.

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Heather Lister, Nashon Walker, Chad Frey and Scott LaMar