Is artificial intelligence affecting the job market?



What to look for on Smart Talk Wednesday, February 20, 2019:

The term Artificial Intelligence elicits images of cyborgs and terminators; human-like robots intent on pursuing death and destruction. Hollywood representations distort what AI really is and the technological achievements that scientists are making.

AI is the theory and development of computer systems that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. Some of these tasks may include visual and speech recognition and some lower level decision-making.

The AI field began in earnest in the mid-1950’s, and in recent years has achieved remarkable growth and technological development.

Recent news articles are making dire predictions about the impact AI will have on certain career fields.

Are the predictions truth or hype?

Appearing on Smart Talk to talk about how AI will affect jobs is Stephen Herzenberg, executive director, Keystone Research Center, John McElligott, CEO of York Exponential, and Dr. Vasant Honavar, Penn State AI Research Lab Director and Chair of Information Sciences and Technology

Herzenberg McElligott.png

Stephen Herzenberg and John McElligott


Professor Vasant Honavar