GOP challenge to the Congressional Map

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2018 Congressional Map approved by PA Supreme Court

What to look for on Smart Talk Thursday, February 22, 2018:

Republican legislative leaders have requested a stay from the U.S. Supreme Court, saying the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overstepped its authority when it adopted its own map for the state’s Congressional district boundaries earlier this week. Read more about it here.  

Republicans claim the Pennsylvania Supreme Court usurped a Constitutional responsibility of the legislature when it created its own map.

The new congressional map overhauls a Republican-drawn map in 2011 widely viewed as among the nation’s most gerrymandered.

Republicans argue the new map now tips the scale in favor of Democrats and has created “chaos and confusion” ahead of the May 15 primary election.

Other organizations are also speaking out about the new map. Minority advocacy groups are concerned the new plan may dilute votes from black communities.

WITF’s Capitol Bureau Chief Katie Meyer and WITF Keystone Crossroads reporter Emily Previti appear on Thursdays Smart Talk to break down this issue and discuss the GOP legal challenge.

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 WITF Keystone Crossroads reporter Emily Previti and WITF’s Capitol Bureau Chief Katie Meyer

We also hear from Micah Sims, Executive Director of the good government group Common Cause Pennsylvania.

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Micah Sims