Dickinson College’s slavery connection and solving food insecurity, one garden at a time

What to look for on Smart Talk, Friday, March 22, 2019:

Dickinson College’s relationship to slavery is a complicated one. Even before emancipation, students enrolled at Dickinson came from both Southern and Northern states. This made for a vigorous debate that reflected the opinions of the country.

Today, Dickinson College is using their history to frame a discussion on the Civil War and Reconstruction for other classrooms.

It’s called The House Divided Project and one exhibit shines a light on Dickinson’s personal link to slavery.

“Dickinson and Slavery” examines the College’s connection to slavery, before the Civil War and after, through the stories of founders and former slaves who have impacted the school.
Appearing on Smart Talk Friday to discuss the stories of former slaves who helped shape Dickinson College are Matthew Pinsker, History professor, and Director of House Divided Project, Cooper Wingert, junior History major and Amanda Donoghue, senior History major.
Also, do you know when your next meal will come?

Food insecurity means living without consistent access to enough nutritious food to lead an active life. There are millions of people living with this reality in America today.

Bucknell and Susquehanna Universities are collaborating on a project to draw attention to the problem and offer a local solution, one garden at a time.

Joining us on Smart Talk to discuss the “Sowing Change” project are Pam Frontino, Assistant Director of Civic Engagement at Susquehanna University, and Kyle Bray, Assistant Director of Service-Learning at Bucknell University.