Central Penn College president / Does PA have too many school districts?


Dr. Linda Fedrizzi-Williams (photo courtesy of Central Penn College)

What to look for on Smart Talk Thursday, February 14, 2019:

Founded in 1881, Central Penn College is ranked in the top fifty Regional Colleges North and is one of four colleges and universities in Cumberland County. Central Penn is also one of four Central Pennsylvania post-secondary institutions led by a female president.

President Linda Fedrizzi-Williams was named the 10th president of Central Penn College in June 2018. In a recent interview about the challenges and opportunities women face in leadership positions, Fedrizzi-Williams discussed her thoughts on work-life integration and the leadership experiences she’s had as a woman in her position.

More recently, too, Central Penn and President Fedrizzi-Williams addressed the college affordability crisis by offering a year of free housing for freshman and transfer students living on campus. Joining us on Thursday’s Smart Talk is President Linda Fedrizzi-Williams.

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Also, Pennsylvania has 500 school districts, each with its own superintendent.

A local educator noticed this and she questioned the multitude of superintendents in Central Pennsylvania school districts by submitting it on PA Post’s Listening Post, a forum for Pennsylvania residents to ask questions for reporters to investigate.

PA Post reporter Ed Mahon narrowed down to four reasons for the high number of superintendents and school districts in Pennsylvania, and specifically why it is difficult to reduce that number. He appears on Thursday’s Smart Talk.