Affordable housing in Pennsylvania


What to look for on Smart Talk on Wednesday, April 17, 2019:

The American dream of owning your own home is alive and well. It’s just not a realistic dream for some Americans.

Finding and paying for housing can be a challenge for many people. Comparatively speaking, Pennsylvania is a reasonably-priced place to buy a home. Even the most expensive areas in the state are still more affordable than the average U.S. market.

However, with an average house costing more than $170,000 and the average monthly rent above $1,300, many Pennsylvanians find mortgages or rent stretch their budgets.

Affordability isn’t the only issue impacting housing for Pennsylvanians. Discrimination and accessibility are often impediments, too.

So, what are communities and agencies doing to make housing accessible in the mid-state?

Appearing on Smart Talk Wednesday to discuss housing are Phyllis Chamberlain, Executive Director, Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania; Tim Whelan, Executive Director of the Cumberland County Housing and Redevelopment Authority; Kirk Stoner, Director of Planning in Cumberland County; and Regina Mitchell, Executive Director of the York Housing Authority.


Tim Whelan, Regina Mitchell, and Kirk Stoner