2019 Smart Talk Top Stories — suicide

Suicide was one of the top stories on Smart Talk in 2019 and is the focus of Monday’s program.

The nation’s suicide rate has climbed dramatically in the last 20 years – especially among young people and the state formed a suicide prevention task force in response.

A York County family is dealing with this reality, after the death of their 25-year-old daughter in May.

Chip and Jackie Bieber’s daughter Shawn Shatto died by suicide with the help of an on-line chat room. They want to raise the alarm that these internet sites exist and are legal in Pennsylvania and most of the country. The Biebers joined us on Smart Talk to share their story.

Appearing on Smart Talk to talk about their vision and prevention strategy are Govan Martin, Chair/Board of Directors of Prevent Suicide PA and a member of the Suicide Prevention Task Force, Dr. Perri Rosen, PA office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, and Caitlin Palmer, Special Adviser to the Secretary of the Department of Human Services and lead agent for the Suicide Prevention Task Force.