2019 Smart Talk Top Stories — legalizing marijuana

The 2019 top stories on Smart Talk series begins with a look back at the push to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes.

Governor Wolf came out in favor of legalizing cannabis for recreational use. Wolf arrived at this position following Lt. Governor John Fetterman’s 67-county listening tour.

The tour results are consistent with a March Franklin & Marshall College Poll that shows 59 percent, or nearly six in 10 voters, support the idea of legalizing marijuana.

Already there are 33 states and the District of Columbia that have legalized marijuana use in some form. Most other states, like Pennsylvania, allow for limited medical use.

But not everyone is on board the legalization train.

Many organizations have voiced their opposition including the American Lung Association, Centers for Disease Control, and the National Institute on Drug Abuse that cite statistics showing the impact of marijuana on physical and mental health.

Appearing on this 2019 top stories on Smart Talk episode are Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman, Democratic State Senator Daylin Leach and Lt. Gov. John Fetterman.