Episode 52: Primary primer

Pennsylvania’s primary elections are this coming Tuesday, and there’s a lot to pay attention to.

Three GOP candidates for governor are facing off to see who will take on Tom Wolf in November. York County Senator Scott Wagner, who also owns a trash-hauling company, is seen as an apparent frontrunner after clinching the important state Republican Party nomination. But, since there’s been little external polling, it’s difficult to say for sure whether fellow candidates Paul Mango and Laura Ellsworth have a shot at the nomination as well.

There are also a number of very crowded congressional races to pay attention to—and they’re especially chaotic because this is the first election that’ll use the commonwealth’s brand new congressional map.

The primary also features a weirdly-competitive democratic primary for lieutenant governor, with a truly colorful cast of characters involved.

Philly Inquirer and Daily News columnist John Baer and AP reporter Marc Levy join us to break down the many moving parts.